For almost the same price, Nikon Z5 or Z6 mark I?

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Re: For almost the same price, Nikon Z5 or Z6 mark I?

ZapperVT wrote:

Remeber to include another ~200 - 300 EUR for a CFExpress or XQD card and card reader if you buy a Z6.

The 32GB XQD cards are less than 80 EUR or $100 US. That's what was bundled with my Z6, and its big enough for photos. At maybe 1GB per minute for video, it's small if you do lots of video.  Oh! now the 64GB cards are only slightly more expensive than the 32 GB. Good!

You'll want a card reader too.  It's faster than using the Z6 USB cable to transfer images, and needed if you want to do firmware updates. (But you may not need to do any more firmware.  The latest one was minor, and I didn't need any of the changes.)

I shoot fewer images per day than with my old camera.  The Z6 rarely needs exposure bracketing and gets the focus and color correct in almost every shot. And I get an accurate preview of the image in the EVF.

I posted in another Z6 vs Z6 II thread:

XQD card capacity

I have a bundled 32GB XQD card. I just did a test using silent shutter and high speed to try to fill the card. I stopped when the Z6 display indicated 49 shots remaining.


28.3 GB formatted size (which is 30,467,000,000 bytes)

25.5 GB used. That's 90%. The display's remaining shots count is conservative.

2.83 GB free

Raw NEF 14 bit and jpg Normal* (the higher quality Normal, these look a lot better.)

1430 files, that's 715 image pairs.

NEF ranged from 34,778 KB to 26,345 KB, with many around 30,000.

jpg ranged from 7,949 KB to 4,060 KB, with many around 7,000.

With just 14-bit NEF, no jpg:

20.8 GB used, about 73%

7.49 GB free

715 NEF images.

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