New (for me) Olympus Stylus 1 firmware update.

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Here's Tom from HongKong's post.

Deleting the other thread, since this one has more responses.


First, welcome to this forum. You ave a great camera. I started using the Stylus 1 a few months ago and must say that it has been one of the most enjoyable cameras I have owned (out of a lot). It really finds the right spot of size, lens range and aperture, ergonomics, and IQ, at least for me. I hope you enjoy it as much. I simply cannot find a better replacement.

I have upgraded my S1 with version 2, effectively making it a 1s. (I have a real 1s as a spare waiting for me in the USA if I ever get there, that's how much I value the Stylus 1!)

So far as remember I just followed the Olympus instructions, I think I went directly from v1 to v2, I only did a one step upgrade and don't think I was on v1.1.

I have found no disadvantages with v2. I am not totally convinced that the smaller focus spots were an advantage, I am still trying to decide. Perhaps someone else can comment. Having Focus peaking is a definite advantage. I don't currently use the WCON so that doesn't help me. The other upgrades also go over my head. So just a few advantages, for me, anyway.

Incidentally Elliott Newcombe has produced some excellent guides for Stylus 1 newbies which I think it would be worthwhile you looking for on this forum. Going through the menu is really pretty straight forward except for how the AF home position and setting work. You will have to play with that a bit to get the most out of it. (In my experience)

My general advice is to keep the aperture at around f4, and the iso as low as possible. I did initially use iso400 as a top limit, but now I am using DXO PL4 I can go a bit higher.

The lens does get a bit softer at f2.8, so I would keep that for very low light situations.

In thinking about your set up, my experience is that there is almost no penalty for adjusting 'exposure' (ie brightness) in Lightroom or PL4. I never bother with exposure bracketing. The key to using a small sensor camera is to get the most light that you can on the the sensor. i.e. aperture as wide as you can, shutter speed as slow as you can, without compromising on other things.

I usually use my RAW images but do shoot RAW + JPEG. Sometimes the JPEGs are really good and its hard to match them. But, if I have made a mess of the image or it is at an extreme, RAW gives more chance to put it right.

Good luck and good fun

Come back with any questions, or ideas. Newcomers to the site can often bring a new perspective on how to use a camera!


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