To delete or not to delete. That is the question.

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Re: To delete or not to delete. That is the question.

giarc wrote:

I cull pretty ruthlessly prior to import into Lightroom using Fast Raw Viewer ( a little like Photomechanic )

While storage is cheap, I don't understand the non-deleters here

Surely, you separate the wheat from the chaff at some point? ie: you don't process every image. To my mind, that decision making process is the same as the culling process. What am I missing?

I think you're missing at least two things:

1.  The time it takes to delete the chaff. You've already spent time determining what is wheat and what is chaff, then you spend time post processing the wheat, then you spend time doing with the wheat whatever it is you do (printing, posting to social media, sharing with friends and family, whatever). With hard drive storage being dirt cheap the time you spend to delete the chaff you've already separated could be spent on a more profitable or enjoyable endeavor.

2.  That otherwise fantastic but slightly out of focus picture you took ten years ago? Wasn't much of anything you could do about it then.  Now, you can use (for example) Topaz Labs Sharpen AI on that image and you've now got a fantastic, in focus picture.

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