FZ 300 contrast - does yours do this?

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Re: What DP has to say about fs 70. ..final thoughts on FZ300

jlina wrote:

Hi Nick! Just looking at these again to see how sharp the outline is on the writing on the boats; would you like to share some of your editing tips? I still don't see how what I photographed is less sharp than what you photographed at a further distance? In particular I was trying to outline the writing on the one red boat. and when you blow it up any at all you see that the edges are jagged along the white writing of the line name. that may be the best I can do but I guarantee you that area out to the ships is probably less than two miles maybe even a mile so I do not understand how the writing is not sharply outlined on them.

Possible causes for blurriness or lack of sharpness:

  • Atmospheric - the farther the worse
  • Bad focus, or focus elsewhere
  • Camera shake - low shutter speed in windy environment
  • Digital zoom or i.Zoom - these should be OFF (for now) - strongly advised

I would do “homework exercises” in focusing, aperture, shutter speed with closer subjects, in good light, while minimizing all unnecessary “challenging” factors.

I am repeating myself.

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