FZ 300 contrast - does yours do this?

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Re: What DP has to say about fs 70. ..final thoughts on FZ300

jlina wrote:

I picked f4 as my favorite visual results last week. I'm just not sure the picture will get much sharper but I'll try. Honestly this is disappointing a little compared to what I was expecting when I bought the camera. (I know fz80....) and f4 is what the boat was shot in on the thread with the old camera boat pictures from yesterday and you posted the settings were all wrong. Confused a bit. When to use f2.8?

What did you mean here - it should have been f4? I should shoot in shutter mode? The iso is wrong? Why is one camera saying 68.8 and one says 108? I'm in almost the same position.

"Your settings for your FZ300 camera is all wrong, that is why the picture does not look at it's best."

I do not know how to copy the whole thread....but you'll probably remember it. Thanks!

How to improve the above picture.

Is to use f/3.2 (really f/3.2 - f/4.5, where f/4 is the "sweet spot"),

instead of using f/2.8 where it's not optimal for this scenery,

the using of f/2.8 in this scene would make it appear softer.


Also, this scene is already low light,

therefore the "-0.33ev" is not needed,

the "-0.33ev" would darken this scene.

For this scene, just use "0.00ev" setting.


The above is for the FZ300 camera,

because with another camera model,

they may not be use the same settings.

Cameras can differ from model to model,

this is the key reason for the "learning curve".

It's as if you just got a new oven or microwave,

and need to learn how to best use it optimally.


This is the reason why another camera can use f/11 fine,

and the f/11 should never be used with the FZ300 camera.



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