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Re: Bought M6II, Now afraid...

No one here can answer this question.  We all in this particular forum will be biased looking for reasons to hold our cameras.  I have noticed that iPhone camera technology is making the M system obsolete.  I can get 4K with my iPhone but not with my M5.  The photos are not better on the iPhone but they are 90% as good.  If I am going to carry a camera in addition to the IPhone it better put my iPhone to shame.  I look at many of my phots from the iPhone, compare them to my canon m5 shots and do not see major gaps in quality between them.  I have been thinking of getting a DJI Pocket 2 for video and a cheaper full frame like the Canon R or RP for stills.  I think the RF mount is the future for Canon and the fact they are not coming out with new M lenses should make anyone on this forum worry.  Keep your gear if you want but by no means invest another  dollar into this system until Canon gives assurances this line is not dead.  It is irritating that Canon is silent in response to rumors their M line is dead.  I think someone said no, it ain’t but no assurances beyond that so they need to show their cards if they want another dollar from me.    If you sell you need to wait for them to come out with a cheaper R full frame or even consider the Sony a7c - all other stuff for videos and stills is too compromised unless you got $3500 just for one lens and the frame like the r6.   Let us know what you decide to do.

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