Is it possible to turn a canon Powershot 620 into a webcam ?

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Re: Is it possible to turn a canon Powershot 620 into a webcam ?

Vadim72 wrote:

Hi, Randy! Thanks for the prompt reply and willingness to help. I have omitted unwittingly the letter 'A' in the model name. The full name reads as follows:Canon PowerShot A620 it was reviewed at in 2005.

Thanks once again, regards Vadim.

There are a few options, though depending on your needs, just getting a cheap USB webcam from amazon or similar might be the best one.

1) As Randy mentioned, you could use the TV out capability (with cable AVC-DC300) a USB capture device (search easycap for a cheap one)

2) Using CHDK ( and chdkptp ( you can control and display live view on your computer, but you cannot use it directly as a webcam in other software (like zoom, skype etc). You could use something like OBS to capture the live view window.

3) The camera supported the old Canon PSRec SDK ( so it's possible some other software will let you use it as a webcam, (see for example)

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