FZ 300 contrast - does yours do this?

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Re: better to compare apple vs apple

Hello, Albert! I completed the assignment. I couldn't see how I could be mistaken in where the ships were since it's a channel out there dug for them that goes to the Houston Ship Channel and they can't vary the route but as I was leaving one was making the turn and it did indeed look larger, very much like the larger photo from the fs15.

Here are some results - the land tip looked great in the viewfinder but it's pretty much the same photo as before. I shot in ia (no plus), A and S for comparrison.

Immediately it was apparent to me the 300 wins because I could not see the viewfinder on the 15 - as you guessed!

purple spot shows up in almost all photos on the 15 thus buying a new camera - but I like it, you can position it within the shot lol

can't find land tip with naked eye



nice but I was focused on tugboat in front

not sure of mode here will view when posted

Interestingly the view in ia with - I'm assuming zoom on - was almost the same in A through the viewfinder! not sure which is which here...still the fz300 is very similar and clearly wins just for the viewfinder

Thank you!


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