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Huxmiller wrote:

I am running Big Sur, and using Photos. I had used Aperture for many years before being forced to switch to Photos. I don't mind Photos. I think it does an adequate job for me, an amateur. My problem is that now I can't find my Aperture files. Nor for that matter, can I find my iPhoto files, used before Aperture. Of course I tried to migrate my Aperture files to Photos as instructed, but I could never make it work. I eventually stopped trying because I became so frustrated and angry I was afraid I would smash my laptop.

Now, older, wiser and calmer I thought I would make another attempt.

No go. I can't even find any files from before 2016. Aggravating, because when I used Aperture I new exactly where all my files were. And I've been shooting digitally since about 2005. A lot of files to lose.

Thanks, Apple.

You will find all your image files are now in a folder called Originals.

Open the Pictures folder and right click on the Photo Library and select Show Package Contents you should then see a number of folders including "Originals"

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