FZ 300 contrast - does yours do this?

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Re: What DP has to say about fs 70. ..final thoughts on FZ300

EDIT. Jacqueline, Bruce just reminded me that the problem is that you were using electronic zoom. So this is now not really relevant to the issue in hand, but I'll leave it in case anyone else finds it useful anyway for some other reason.

gardenersassistant wrote:

jkkardster wrote:

I'd suggest shooting the same subject at a series of different focal lengths/zoom levels to confirm that the camera is working properly. Start at the widest 25mm/1x focal length and zoom to 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x, and 24x to ensure that the results appear to zoom in accordingly. You could also compare identical shots taken at the same zoom levels between the ZS15 and FZ300 - which should show the same field of view (FOV) or level of magnification.

An excellent suggestion from Bruce. Bear in mind you can do this indoors. Image quality doesn't matter because you are only interested in the angle of view. Put the ISO up as high as you want. If it's still a bit fuzzy because of hand-shake at the longer focal lengths with a slow indoors shutter speed don't worry; it doesn't matter in this context. Something like this perhaps (roughly 25,50,100,200,400,600mm).

You are concerned about the size of the subject in your photos when using a lot of zoom. I think you can settle this question with a single test. Put the little white mark beside the mode dial ....

two metres (around 6ft 7inches) away from a rule. (Yes, I need to hoover the carpet.)

Engage autofocus. The image should show around 130mm (around 5 1/4 inches) of the rule.

If you get something like this then then when you are using full zoom you are getting the angle of view that you should, and the ships in the distance will be as large (or as small!) as they should be in the image.

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