Nikon Z6 or Z6ii?

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Re: Nikon Z6 or Z6ii?

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XQD and CFexpress memory will remain expensive, but it's fast and rugged. I have a Z6 and don't miss the SD slot, but it's nice to have if you can get it. Also consider that firmware upgrades will likely be focused on the Z6ii. I doubt you'll see many/any more for the Z6 as most of the bugs have been corrected and the features that will be added, have been added. I won't upgrade my Z6 but time marches on and you should really go for the latest and greatest if you intend to keep it for a while.

Even if you don't intend to shoot video, it's almost unavoidable these days, and either one will do great.

As good as the Z6 is, if you are really committed to landscape photography, the Z7 is going to be even better.

Thank you. I’m more interested in the low light capabilities and the most reviews say the Z6/Z6ii are better then the Z7, plus I don’t really need that many megapixels

For travel, street and especially low light I think the Z6 II is worth the extra.

Low light AF is rated to -4.5EV on the Z6 II as opposed to -3.5EV for the Z6.

This alone makes it worth the price of admission IMO, plus they’ll be further FW updates to come for the Z6 II to improve it even further.

FWIW I’m picking up my Z6 II today but I’m keeping my Z6 as I have need for two bodies for some of my shoots.

Z6 in dim light with F1.8 vs F4

My Z6 is fine for night shooting in the city. Streetlights are plenty of light for focusing.

I do notice that my 50 F1.8 focuses faster in dim light than my F4 lens. It's an instant focus in streetlight conditions. The F4 will range from a slight hesitation to up to a seconds to get focus.

But even the F4 lens can focus in very dark conditions, using the a11-Low Light AF. That can take up to two seconds to focus at it's limits. But it focuses on objects that are too dark for me to see clearly by eye. (I'm using AF-S single point so I can see the green box focus confirmation.)

I just tested the F4 lens in the basement: The dark limit was a higher contrast target at ISO 6400, F4, 1/1.6 second. That's 1/3 stop slower than 1/2 second. Dark! And a bit too slow to hand hold anyway.

In indoor scenes lit by table lamps, the F1.8 focuses instantly, and the F4 sometimes has a tiny hesitation before focusing.

I leave the Low Light AF turned on all the time. It doesn't slow down or affect the focusing in normal lighting.

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