FZ 300 contrast - does yours do this?

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Re: What DP has to say about fs 70. ..final thoughts on FZ300

jlina wrote:

Hello again ,Nick! Questions have been answered but if you'd like to add anything let me know. Thanks and happy shooting! Large and small

Yes, you have had really good responses. One of the reasons I first got an FZ200 was that I had been lurking on this forum and the people here were so positive and helpful that I wanted to be part of it. Although there is less traffic here now I think your thread has shown that it is still a very friendly and helpful place.

As to your particular issues, quotes taken from several of the latest posts.....

jlina wrote:

How I am not managing to get the ships on the horizon which I believe are less than two miles away is probably like a skill period but they don't seem anywhere near as large as the ships in your photos.

I think the reason the ships are larger in some of my photos is simply because I can get much closer to the ships than you can. The Severn Estuary is about five miles wide where we are (not the same five miles as mentioned for the first of the photos I posted. That was five miles upstream on our side of the estuary (see the blue line on the illustration below).

The five miles I'm talking about here is straight across the estuary to the other side). The docks that the ships are coming to are on our side of the estuary. The estuary is tidal but extremely muddy and there are mud/sand banks all over it. The way the currents work, cutting out channels through the mud/sand banks, is that the ships have to come fairly close to the coast on our side of the estuary. The illustration below gives a rough indication of the ships' routes, with the places I take photos shown in red.

The white circle shows the place where ships pass closer to the mainland than anywhere else on the UK coastline (See Battery Point). I don't take photos of ships there because they are too close, with the car transporters towering over you despite you standing on raised ground.

There are a few ships that go up and down the far coast. If I include any of them in a photo they are very, very small even at maximum zoom with the TZs.

jlina wrote (in a response to a different post):

kkardster wrote:

I'd suggest shooting the same subject at a series of different focal lengths/zoom levels to confirm that the camera is working properly. Start at the widest 25mm/1x focal length and zoom to 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x, and 24x to ensure that the results appear to zoom in accordingly. You could also compare identical shots taken at the same zoom levels between the ZS15 and FZ300 - which should show the same field of view (FOV) or level of magnification.

as we have major rain again this week I'm just not sure when I'll get a chance to actually see these photos that the camera is supposed to be able to take.

An excellent suggestion from Bruce. Bear in mind you can do this indoors. Image quality doesn't matter because you are only interested in the angle of view. Put the ISO up as high as you want. If it's still a bit fuzzy because of hand-shake at the longer focal lengths with a slow indoors shutter speed don't worry; it doesn't matter in this context. Something like this perhaps (roughly 25,50,100,200,400,600mm).

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