Strobe / Continuous LED Hybrid?

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Re: Strobe / Continuous LED Hybrid?

Benjamin Kanarek wrote:

tugwilson wrote:

DVideo wrote:

Hmm I really liked what I saw with the FV200. What is your concern with them?

They are a strong modeling lights combined with a weak strobe, Learn how to light with continuous lights or with strobes,

Are you kidding me? It is way more powerful than the Apurture 120D and 300D. Where isn't it powerful enough for continuous lighting.

Check out this comparison:

I have been a photographer for 35 years and used Mandarine, HMI's, flash system etc...

FV200 is more powerful than the Apurtue 300D.

Yes, I think I referenced this video earlier in the thread on the launch of this light, It clearly demonstrates that the light will act as a very strong modeling light. I don't think Robert has done any measurements of it in strobe mode. However others have claimed that it's a little less powerful than a GN 60 speedlight when the speedlight is zoomed wide. So I don't think my description of the light is unfair.

My view is that it's not a light of general interest. I'm quite sure that there are niches which it can occupy and I'm keen to find out if you've found one.

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