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Re: Lightroom to darktable migration

Henry Richardson wrote:

His Dudeness wrote:

Henry Richardson wrote:

His Dudeness wrote:

Seems like you know at least a little bit about coding C. Did you try to look into the code?

I just took a quick look into 'src/develop/lightroom.c' and yes, it seems pretty easy to focus on meta data.

I have not looked at the source code. Yes, I suspect it would be easy to disable it. Even if I disabled it myself in the code (couldn't build or test though since I have no development environment)

Setting up a development environment on Linux is quite simple (cannot tell for Windows)

it would have to be done by one of the darktable developers to be included in darktable releases.

No, you could submit a pull request on github.

Better than disabling would be having an option to select metadata, editing, or both.

Sure, but this would be the next step, once you know it works.

I have made these things known to the Lightroom import darktable developer. I have also told them about the discard history bug. A few months ago.

Probably this thread? https://discuss.pixls.us/t/importing-lightroom-xmp-sidecars/20668

What do you expect them to do? Did you file a bug report on github and provide meaningful test data? Did you create a feature request? It feels a little bit like you expect those people to do the work for you and even keep track of everything that has somewhere been mentioned in a forum.

Nevertheless, it seems like you are capable of writing at least some basic lines of C code. This is probably the only file to modify (at least for solving your problem locally): https://github.com/darktable-org/darktable/blob/master/src/develop/lightroom.c

Why don't you setup a development environment? Probably harder if you are on Windows, but all you need are the compiler environment, dependencies and a text editor. Instead of writing long complaints in forums, you could at least fix it for you locally and get your import done. This is perfectly okay. Creating a solution for all is another step and this is really a nice opportunity to contribute and give something back. Think about it.

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