90d and Tamron 150-600 - sharpness issue or wrong expectations

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Re: 90d and Tamron 150-600 - sharpness issue or wrong expectations

DWare wrote:

Shutter speeds are slow for handheld at those focal lengths and in consideration of a cropped sensor. We all have differing abilities of how steady we can handhold but those speeds are pretty slow. I would suggest playing with a static image and evaluating sharpness with varying shutter speeds as well as playing with how you are steadying the camera. It's also important to make sure to follow through after pressing the shutter button. It's not uncommon to see experienced photographers dropping their camera too quickly after taking a shot. Also, if a tripod is not possible, a monopod maybe a good option with such focal lengths.

While I agree that results may vary depending on the user, the general consensus has been that the Tamron G2's VC is inferior to first-party options and even to the Sigma 150-600mm. It's rather twitchy and I don't trust shooting this lens below 1/250 unless I really have to. Even when my hands are mostly stable and my focus is completely locked, I get the impression every few images is smeared and soft. It looks a bit like motion blur but I think the stabilizer element is adding some softness. It Toby/PhotoRec's comparison to the Sigma illustrates the same issues I'm having.

Changing to viewfinder priority with the tap-in console yields a much more stable viewfinder image It works great for video but for still images the softness persists and may be even worse because the VC is working a lot harder. It also leads to greater battery consumption and viewfinder lag, so when I see a flying bird I must constantly flick to different modes.

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