FZ 300 contrast - does yours do this?

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Re: better to compare apple vs apple

Hi Albert! I thought that that might be the case and indeed someone else pointed out that the e x i f information shows it was a digital zoom. I got some good advice to only concern myself with whether the camera will focus for the next few weeks to make sure that it actually is focusing properly because every other issue I have could be fixed in post-processing if I had to resort to that. Which I think is pretty clear it does; however I'm considering putting in an IA mode and shooting with the digital zoom to see if I get the same kind of pictures. I might have been a few feet different from where I stood in 2014 but it is the same point on the land out in the water. You're exactly right and that's very helpful. The numbers make it sound like it would be a huge difference and so that has confused me from the beginning. I just may not be ready for aperture mode at this point and ia mode is looking darn good!

as we have major rain again this week I'm just not sure when I'll get a chance to actually see these photos that the camera is supposed to be able to take. But I'll keep trying for at least two more weeks. Your previous research had already convinced me that the new camera was far superior however these old photos made me doubt that in the case of this specific camera.

Thank you so much for your time and effort here with me it is much appreciated no matter how frustrated I am right now I understand that I have learned a lot of information in a little over 3 weeks and no small part due to your contribution. I have actually been reading contracts for a business so I didn't have time to look up the exif data but that is next on my list as well. I would have never found the site you found to compare the differences though. The cost of the lenses you mention is astonishing, and that's why I never bought last year. It just sounded like a very expensive hobby. I did research the fz300 is being very close to the old camera that fs15 and that is the reason I chose it. After trying the two versions that were not as close the fs70 and the fz1000.

All I know for sure is that the old camera from 2012 the fs15 was an amazing gem of a camera and if I can ever feel that way about the new one I will be one happy camper! Hope you have been well and enjoying some good shooting yourself when I think of the perfect sharpness to the photograph I think of yours Those lenses really perform!

Thanks, your friend Jacqueline

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