FZ 300 contrast - does yours do this?

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better to compare apple vs apple

Dear Jacqueline,

Under different days of shooting there could be certain memory issue, or actual position of the object might vary etc making the result hard to compare.

Unlike on the wide angle side that a few mm difference could mean very observable AoV difference (e.g. 24mm vs 28mm), on the longer end despite numerically 384mm of ZS15 sounder a lot shorter than the 600mm of FZ300, in real life it is not that huge.

Nikon has a very interesting AoV simulator @ https://imaging.nikon.com/lineup/lens/simulator/#FX . The following were the screen shots for a 384mm lens vs a 600mm lens:

Could be you had shot with the ZS15 on a few feet forward, or the FZ300 backward, or the ship shot by the FZ15 is indeed a few hundreds feet closer that at such long distance we might hard to realize it (or our memory couldn't memorize it very correctly?...)

IMHO FZ300 is a king of its class (1/2.3" sensor).

ZS15 has no evf, more a P&S centric model, a shorter zoom lens 25-384 and most importance of all, a slower lens of max aperture f/3.3-5.9. Hence it wins on size and weight.

FZ300 has an evf, more close to a full capacity dslr form factor for better ergonomic, a crazy wide range zoom lens 25-600, and a premium lens of constant max aperture f/2.8.

In Interchangeable lens camera world, a constant f/2.8 zoom lens usually is regarded a premium class lens. My 12-32 f/3.5-5.6 M43 zoom lens (eq to 24-64mm) is <US$100. I paid US$615 for my 12-35 f/2.8 M43 zoom lens (eq to 24-70mm) in 2016 (from gray market). This lens alone is nearly the same price for the mid-range GX85 body + 12-32 + 45-150 twin lens kit set (should be around US$500 most of time in 2020 through authorized dealers in US)!

I won't compare FZ15 vs FZ300 (although on IQ they could be similar because of same resolution 12Mp, same size of sensor of 1/2.3" and similar generation of product so likely a similar jpg engine and might also be the same sensor...), it is a different shooting tool...

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