50mm f/1.0, To Keep or Not To Keep, This is a question?

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Re: 50mm f/1.0, To Keep or Not To Keep, This is a question?

Tough call.  On the one hand, this is a "crown jewel of the collection" type of lens.  On the other hand, it's a crown jewel gathering dust.  Lenses aren't faberge eggs meant to just be looked at in a glass cabinet; mounted on cameras taking pictures is where they're happiest!

In my shoes, I would sell it.  But I'm not a collector and own very few objects that I have a strong sentimental attachment to.  A lens like this, if I owned one and found myself using it alot then it would certainly be "my precious".   If I wasn't using it, I'd rather have the $$ and buy some gear I'd actually enjoy.

As another person said, bolt it to a camera for a week or a month and see what happens.  If you find some spark and want to keep shooting it, there ya have it.  If it does nothing for you after that, time to move on.

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