What is next for Hasselblad X1D II and XCD lenses

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Re: What is next for Hasselblad X1D II and XCD lenses

I just had similar conversations with 2 high end professionals, both of which shoot a lot of film...one of which currently owns the gfx50 and one who has tried it, both are getting the X1DII, and we all agreed that we prefer 50mpix to 100mpix, file sizes are plenty big and bigger also means more head ache on big shoots....nobody is concerned about AF, and unless it is as good as Sony's latest, its not really interesting anyway....because once you are used to that everything else just isn't that great....and yes they both have Sonys for motion as well as stills, tried (and bought) the fuji and weren't happy....tried the X1DII and love th files....

I am positive the sales aren't close to fuji sales, I am also pretty sure that sales are solid, the cameras are often out of stock, used prices (other then for the first gen) are very strong, the 907x is a great camera (yes there was a batch that had some issues)....

hasselblad won't blow the doors off anything with features, they won't overextend, I doubt they will announce a new body this year (maybe they will for 2022?) who knows, lens line up is really solid, adapters are nice, with the 907x combo they opened up tech cameras and V system....if used prices are an indicator, that market is doing REALLY well....

so I would not expect much in terms of hardware in 2021, I don't expect much in terms of software improvement (speed, af,...) but they do surprise me with features in updates...

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