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Re: #7 discard history

Henry Richardson wrote:

Please read again my point #7.

ah, sorry, I've never dealt with imported photos so discarding the history has always been working for me.

One work around that you can try on a small subset first: strip out everything in between the "<darktable:history>" tag (or whatever the equivalence of LR) in the XMP files. This can be done quickly with a command or script in GNU/Linux (a combination of find and grep should do). I don't have any XMP from LR so I can't tell the details, but they're simply plain text XML files, should be easy to manipulate.

Otherwise, use a SQLite DB browser, load up the library.db file, and delete all the rows in the history and history_hash tables related to the imported image (or empty that whole table if you want to delete history of all images in darktable).

Again, if you're comfortable with SQL and relational DB, it might be easy to examine the SQLite DB from LR, extract the data out and insert into darktable.

relatively simple data structure

the history steps of images identified by "imgid"

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