How to get RAW files from Z6II to PC

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Re: How to get RAW files from Z6II to PC

Copying speeds test

I like the card reader instead of using the Z6 USB cable.

I had done this before, on my old laptop. There, I found that the Sony USB card reader was 10 times faster than the direct Z6 USB cable. I wondered if it was limited by the older hardware.

Now I have a new desktop Win 10 PC, with fast components to speed up photo and video editing. It's a fast processor with lots of memory. And an astoundingly fast "M.2" flash drive that's just a tiny card plugged directly into the motherboard. These M.2 drives are a lot faster than the SSD drives packaged like a hard drive.

So, this test is close to best case transfer speeds.

I shot 157 image pairs, NEF + jpg. That's 314 files, 5.91 GB.


Z6 with it's USB3 cable:

2:10 elapsed time (130 seconds). That's 1.2 seconds per image pair.

This was a lot faster than on my old laptop. On the old laptop, copying with the cable was tediously slow, often taking 10 or 20 minutes to finish the day's set of files.

I rebooted for the next test, to make sure it didn't have files in buffer memory. (That reboot took just 25 seconds total, through login and finish the bootup disk activity.)

Sony XQD card reader:

22 seconds! That's 0.14 seconds per pair. About 7 pairs per second. The transfer status display showed around 300 MB per second.

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