Nikon D7500 white balance issue

Started Dec 25, 2020 | Discussions thread
Tom Ferguson Senior Member • Posts: 2,319
Re: Nikon D7500 white balance issue

If you are getting this problem in a few situations, I think  checkup by Nikon is smart (while in warranty). BUT, to convince Nikon you have a "case" I think you need to send them problem pics from a more "real world" example. By that I mean pics where more than one color/item are in the shot. Shooting "wood" is not really what AWB is for. If you shot in that same room, but include the couch and carpet and a person... and still get these variations... then Nikon is far more likely to see this as a real problem.

AWB really needs a few real world colors to work well. If you fill up the frame with just one color AWB is not the wisest choice.

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