Mac Big Sur for Photographers? Now? Wait?

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Pros Should Wait.

Used to be an early adopter, then evolved from that to v.1 then to v.2 adopter. The later the versions the fewer the bugs.

Ad agencies I worked at and studios I worked with usually didn't migrate until v.2. In a for-profit environment, uninterrupted workflow is often more important than buggy latest and greatest.

I just purchased a 16/500 GB M1 Silicon MacBook Air, making it my first early adoption in decades.  Yes, it runs Big Sur. And it's working well.

Only problem I had was in using Migration Assistant to migrate data and settings from an older OS on my 2013 Mac Pro, where the assistant migrated my mail accounts without enabling them. Thinking they did not migrate, I tried setting them up and froze the computer. After a few restarts and calls to Apple support, we figured out I needed to go into System Preferences to enable Mail to fix the problem.

I had an older 17" MBP stolen and needed to replace it. Also I've been running Aperture into the ground and felt it was time to start looking for alternatives to it and the monthly Adobe fees. Currently, I'm using RAW Photo and Photo Mill in addition to Photos. Not a fan of Photos because of its naming hierarchy, and inability to add IPTC information.

The 2013 "Trash Can" is getting a memory and HD update. The HD will have partitions that will run older OS for Aperture, and newer OS for whatever I choose to replace it. However, I am in no hurry. I'm not seeing anything in the new OS that is motivating me to adopt Big Sur on the desktop.

I hope this helps you decide.


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