Thinking about the Tamron 70-210 f4

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Re: Thinking about the Tamron 70-210 f4

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I have a chance to get the Tamron 70-210 f4 at a good deal. I also have the Nikon Z 50-250 kit lens which is pretty sharp and covers the zoom range of the Tamron. The question is... will I get better image quality with the Tamron over the kit lens. Thanks.

Firstly, have you determined if that particular Tamron lens will work properly on a Nikon Z body with the adaptor? Some Tamrons will and some won't. My Tamron 90 macro lens will not work unfortunately.

It does but only after a firmware update. You need to buy the tap-in console or send the lens to Tamron for servicing. I tried it first, it didn't work, then bought the tap-in and updated the firmware, and then it worked fine.

I sold my Tamron 90mm macro G2 because I got tired of waiting for the firmware update.

I'm trying to justify if purchasing this lens, even at the great B&H price, if it would be worth it. You see, I already have the Z 50-250 kit lens, and based on the pictures I've taken with it, compared to the sample pictures of the Tamron posted on DP Review and other sites, IMO, the Tamron is no sharper than the Nikon kit lens.

Now, I realize that the Tamron is a faster lens being f4 across the board, and would be better for low light situations, but since I'm mainly shooting outdoors, or indoors with a flash, I don't know that I'd be gaining anything as far as image quality.

So, on one hand, I'm thinking get the lens... it's a great price at $379. But on the other, I would have to use it with the FTZ adapter, buy the Tap Console to make it compatible, with it, or send it to Tamron for the firmware update. The extra weight and bulk really doesn't bother me.

All in all, it seems like a nice lens but if the kit lens has an edge in sharpness, what's the point?

Some of the pictures I've taken with the kit lens, just blew me away.  I can't really say that I was blown away by most of the samples I've seen with the Tamron.

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