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Re: Lightroom to darktable migration

His Dudeness wrote:

I think this import stuff exists just because someone wanted to migrate his LR data to darktable. It is not there because the darktable project tries to attract LR users and pull them away from LR. That is what other commercial tools do and why it makes sense for them to invest effort. I think in case of darktable it is up to the community of LR users, who are willing to switch, to fix and improve the import code. People, who currently use LR own data to test with and know LR better than most darktable devs.

Agreed. LR edits and structure change overtime, so is darktable's. Nobody is interested in wasting effort into a small translation use case with constantly moving targets at both ends. It's discouraging that your code is only valid for a few months.

Seems like you know at least a little bit about coding C. Did you try to look into the code?

I just took a quick look into 'src/develop/lightroom.c' and yes, it seems pretty easy to focus on meta data.

If I have to migrate from LR, given both use SQLite, I'd inspect the table structure in both LR and darktable, then query the needed data from LR, massage/transform them to match then insert into darktable' SQLIte DB. It's probably easiest that way, tinkering only with just the SQLite DBs.

Agree with Henry that it's not worth trying to import the edits, just the metadata. The edits changed even between darktable's versions, e.g., I now use Filmic instead of base curve, thus, I always reset/discard history when loading old RAWs.

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