DPREVIEW needs to get serious about testing hi-res smartphones!

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DPREVIEW needs to get serious about testing hi-res smartphones!

Hallo photography lovers,

Since 2019 there are many great smartphones on the market with excelent hi-res cameras (48, 64, 108Mpx) by Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei (and soon Apple and Sony).

At the same time sales of dedicated "real digital cameras" dropped 87% in 10 years. (see attached chart)

There is and always will be professional and semi proffesional digital camera market which is main focus of dpreview.com and reason for its existance so far.

I would like to see dpreview test at full hi-res smartphones including "test scene" and sample photos and provide full hi-res jpg at full  matrix size, not shrunk to 12Mpx for comparison.

Don't worry if "test scene" of full hi-res jpg  is great or is bad ,  so be it!

Let the readers  see for themselfs  before deciding what smartphone to buy or maybe they go afterall for something professional,  if they want more quality and are serious about photography.

Also, I would like to see one test outdoor photo taken from exact same spot and the same lighting conditions showing how diffrent cameras and smartphones capture the same exact real life situation. When demonstarting zoom make sure is exactly from the same spot as well.

You can see attached hires example at 64Mpx using Xiaomi Note 8 Pro. Please do not shrink photos to 12Mpx as normally done here and on many other sites which is useless for comparing sharpness and focus.

Happy 2021 to All !

Camrea sales down 87% in 9 years!

Smartphone Xiaomi Note 8 Pro  (2019)   64Mpx  (must click on the photo to see hires image)

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