FZ 300 contrast - does yours do this?

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Re: What DP has to say about fs 70. ..final thoughts on FZ300

Hi John. Well I believed my eyes with the fz300 from Stevie and I still haven't got there but I'm hoping. I think that my final thoughts are that this is not the camera I would love to have in a perfect world, however if I look at it as simply replacing my DMC fs15 it is a very adequate step up. The cost price factor doubled but probably the quality of the camera did as well. Therefore it may be the perfect camera choice. I also have lot of accessories that I would have to return to Amazon if I give this up. I would love to have more zoom but I am very pleased with the camera overall. ActuallyI like my pictures even the blurry dark squirrel today made me happy! I wasn't complaining about the 65 ft I just can continuously testing out the range of the camera at this point. my favorite beach near here is probably 20 ft down to the water so I should be able to get some amazing pictures of kiteboarders and wind surfers soon. there are even wild parrots at the next Park down. Basically from here to Galveston there are Parks all along the way. I haven't even begun to photograph at them so I have that to look forward to.

I am just too worried about waves and sand on any of the other cameras. We had gale force winds here last week it was pretty amazing gust up to 50 mph I would like a camera that I could at least get close to the water with in those kind of conditions and I think the fz300 might be able to stand up to that. With the proper wrapping and a lens filter of course.

The guy on Instagram with the ls100 on ebay is actually a New York photographer with quite a resume on Instagram. If the bids don't skyrocket at the end I may bid $200 on that. It would be nice to have a 1 inch sensor or to have a longer zoom lens but all those things are sure to come along if I'm  that interested in the hobby.

The thing I found out last year to my detriment is that the cameras are on sale at Christmas and they will not go on sale again till next christmas. I checked Best Buy all year long and saved my money from last year before I bought this year. So I may be out of luck for another year but that gives me plenty of time to learn the system and all the tweaks on adjustments that you've talked about. the funny thing about that is December is a terrible time for buying a camera as far as it being rainy especially down here on the coast we had probably two three months of beautiful blue skies every single day  from September to November.

I'm already counting the days till daylight savings time starts again!

Thank you and have a great evening,


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