Should I make my own icc paper profiles?

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Blues: Printer or display problem? Something else? Or just how it is.

I've been using this test print to re-calibrate my Epson 3880.   (I had a new P900 but it broke and awaiting replacement, but it seemed to be printing the same way). Everything looks perfect except the blues.  This is mostly noticeable in the sky triangle in the tip middle image.  The blue sky will look a bit purple.  I've printed other images with cooler tones (blue hour, and a cold toned snow scene) and everything is great except the blues.  Sometimes they are purple-ish, or a greenish variation.

I have an iMac running Catalina profiled with a less than 1 year old i1 Display Pro.  The profiles for printing from Lightroom are custom made with the Color Munki Studio.

I have soft proofed it (and only use that to compare) and the little click boxes say there are no out of gamut colors.

When printing the test print below, it looks amazing.  Every scene looks ok to me except the red rock sky.  It seems even the color swatches (including blues) are ok enough to my eye.  But when I print a blue sky or a blue cloudy scene it's off.  Been using Epson Ultra Premium Luster for this test as it's cheap to test with.

I took my Color Munki custom profile and did an update on it with a very blue scene and it didn't change the print at all.  However, when viewing the profile in ColorSync, there are slight differences.

Any thoughts on this issue?  Could something be messing with the blues on the computer or any of the profiles?


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