FZ 300 contrast - does yours do this?

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Re: What DP has to say about fs 70. ..final thoughts on FZ300

jshen808 wrote:

Thanks for your commenting.

Yes, if you see my "next" post,

you'll see that I mentioned the ,

differences from constant f/2.8,

and FZ80's 20-1200mm f/2.8-5.9.

I am sorry. My reply to your post appeared that I was debating your points, which are all valid and helpful. I was writing more for the OP than to you.

Also, I was writing in an explanatory style (rather wordy), not because I doubt your level, but because I felt that the OP did not understand many basic photographic principles, like "constant f/2.8 zoom lens" and the various effects of aperture.


If you could point out a good option,

for a constant f/2.8 & 1200mm zoom,

then I'm all ears in listening & buying.

You did not mention weight and price! LOL

I would be the first one to buy a compact camera of such capacities if I found it. I would buy two, keeping one and gifting the other to you.

People make best use of such cameras as FZ300 because they understand its strengths and weaknesses -- optimizing the former while minimizing the latter. It is difficult to talk about such things without some level of photographic understanding -- which is not reserved only to the "professionals."

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