FZ 300 contrast - does yours do this?

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Re: well done (nt)

Wow, too many or too few options huh?  LOL.  I'm so glad your set up works so well for you Albert - I'm jealous!  So, what do you think in general about getting a camera off Ebay?  I think it's a set up for a nightmare but a lot of people post about having a good experience with it.

I'd like to keep the 300 and get some cheaper 1" sensor, or wait a year and upgrade.  People keep thinking I want to be a "photographer" like the job title photographer, and all I want is to take fairly decent pictures of what I want to take pictures of.  Which usually involves zoom.

I have learned that landscape, people, "street" and wildlife photography all vary drastically.  And that I wish I had an iphone for a camera but I'm an android person.

Thank you, have a great evening!

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