Nikon Z 35/1.8 S - hard to find a well centered copy?

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Re: Short exposures and atmospheric disturbances

JimKasson wrote:

Rhaegar wrote:

might have missed it, but is there any shorter, quicker version of these numerous tests one can do indoors to just be assured you didn't get a lemon?

some of these tests described are so far out of the reach of what your standard hobbyist is going to attempt

Shooting an ISO 12233 target is quick and can be done indoors, but it takes highly precise setup, a large target, and doesn't work for short lenses. Analysis of the results is a bit tricky if you don't use a slanted edge program.

Some people have gotten good results by shooting a Siemens Star and defocusing. I find interpretation of those shots difficult.

What's wrong with testing outdoors?

For people living in a crowded city (like me), it's difficult to get 20-30m long flat  .  Streets are busy and full of people, even the parking lots are small and packed. Park may be the good place for me to start.


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