Nikon D7500 white balance issue

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Re: Nikon D7500 white balance issue

How very strange! Do you have this white balance problem often, or is there something really odd with that one room/wood? Auto white balance can fail due to very low light levels (doesn't seem the case here) or excessive UV or IR light (also doesn't seem logical here). If the issue is "just" with one room/wood... I wouldn't waste much brain power worrying about it. AWB is a wonderful but not quite perfect thing!

If you are getting this much variation lots of places, then I would have the camera checked.

Europe, to the best of my knowledge, runs on electricity that alternates 50 times a second (rather than the 60 times in the USA). Not much of a photographic difference, particularly at 1/30 of a second shutter.

The big difference is the voltage (which doesn't affect our photographic discussion). The USA uses 120V. I think Europe is using about 220-240V out of the wall sockets. That will knock you across the room and onto your bottom if mishandled ;-(

A story that a some of us might find interesting/funny about USA Europe power. I worked as a tech in the music industry for the first half of my work life. Maybe 1978 I was working for an outfit that was sending a band on the first European tour for the band or our company. We got the band transformers to allow all their USA equipment to run on European power and thought we were all set. The band used early Melotron keyboards extensively (think fake string sounds from early King Crimson or Moody Blues).

Melotron used the line frequency (that 60 times a second bit) as a "clock" to drive the electronics. Melotron made separate units to sell in the USA and Europe. So, band lands in Europe and discovers that the USA keyboards build for 60hz are now playing something like 2 steps lower than they should. The poor keyboard player had to play everything on the Melotron in the "wrong" key for the rest of the tour. It is very very hard to play a piano with one hand in "D" and a mellotron with the other hand in "F"!

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