Any suggestion on how to retouch this landscape shot?

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Re: Two plays

Tiffles wrote:

I also saw your post where you are still using LR vers 6.

This is a great image to test out the capabilities of the latest LR Classic.

I‘d love to - however I believe Adobe stopped offering versions for upfront purchase after V6. And a subscription service, while understandable from Adobe‘s standpoint, is really a deal breaker for me. I feel my image catalogue and selections, ratings etc all would be held hostage by Adobe if I start paying regularly for the right to keep on maintaining it. ....

This is not quite right.

See, eg,

Basically, if you stop paying, the Develop and Map modules quit working. I am sure that Photoshop will also stop. You would also not be able to import from a new, unsupported camera.

However the Library with its key words, ratings, etc. keeps working.

If I ever leave Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, I would also probably leave the Library. I would then save all my keywords, ratings, etc to sidecar files which a good DAM like iMatch will pick up - so I wouldn't use them.

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