Which Software do you recommend for new photographer

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Re: Which Software do you recommend for new photographer

Krav Maga wrote:

dj_paige wrote:

So to over-summarize the discussion so far:

Person A recommends software A

Person B recommends software B

Person C recommends software C but doesn't like A


and so on. That's the way these conversations always go. And so to the the original poster, Xlr8tin, if you have specific questions about specific software, I think this forum can help. But a general recommendation isn't going to happen, and I have summarized the advice above.

How do you pick from that advice? Well, I don't know, other than to pick one that fits in your budget, try the free trial, and see what you think. Or ask specific questions about software, so the forum can guide you.

^^^ This.

Ultimately, no one can really give advice on which platform to choose. They can only relay personal experiences which may or may not be relevant. One hundred people can give a different opinion and a different reason, and for each of them it will be the correct one.

But this is assuming they all give advice about a different one..None of them agree with another that one is good or that they like it. You can easily get a general consensus, which is pretty much what I have been able to obtain.

This is only one side of the discussion. Maybe it is because I am familiar with conducting surveys...

Also, you could say this with literally any and every consumer product. This is why they have reviews on products...You read them, cancel out the obvious haters, and make your decision. All of you make purchase decision like like. This is no different....

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