Do you get by with editing just on a laptop? Or use an external?

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Re: Do you get by with editing just on a laptop? Or use an external?

lilBuddha wrote:

SonyOB wrote:

I never actually tried using an iPad as a touch screen for photo processing.
Let's see if I can find it...firing up...upgrading!
It is not my favorite gadget so it takes a while to get it going.

edit: Duet, AirPlay, and Sidecar tested.
Not for photo editing with my patiience.

I suppose it depends on what one is doing. Shifting sliders and such I prefer a mouse. For region specific edits, like burning and dodging, I prefer the pen. The pressure sensitivity alone is brilliant.

It is the mouse and pen combo that makes using a laptop over an iPad so much better. Plus, I can carry one device rather than two. The iPads are getting more powerful, but they are still limited. Too limited to be the single device I carry with me.

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