Fujifilm X-S10 how good is Ibis compared to Panasonic cameras?

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Re: Fujifilm X-S10 how good is Ibis compared to Panasonic cameras?

And-roid wrote:

El Chubasco wrote:

I had the G9 for a while. Paired with the 12-35mm 2.8 v2 I got 1sec (even 1.5sec) exposures that were razor sharp. No Fuji camera can do that.

It really depends on the scene and how wide you are, I fully expect to be able to do 0.5 sec on the x-s10 if needed, but it would be <20 (30mm) in focal length and possibly braced with e-shutter probably too. You are exaggerating the ability of these cameras and in practical terms, used properly, they all provide 3-4 stops 5 at a push, but as you go below 1/10 sec it gets very erratic based on your ability to stand still, the focal length, the proximity to the subject and shutter type too, best to shoot in small bursts and pick the best. But saying Panasonic/Olympus have some wonderful system that goes to 1-1.5 second is false information repeatedly razor sharp. I never once achieved anywhere near that with the em5.3 and it has ibis up there with the very best incl, 0 sec shutter release and first curtain or whatever that is all dampen vibrations, but e-shutter is your best bet anyway.

Paired with a stabilised lens you can easily get 1 second and more shots on Panasonic ibis systems. Not saying they are all keepers but I do have a little more confidence in the g85s ability to keep still than an xt4. They really aren’t the same. Now whether that makes it worthwhile vs the lack of quality / detail / low light capability in the g85 is the issue. Xt4 on balance is just better  (but far more expensive!)

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