vibration : silent mode vs shutter mode

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Re: vibration : silent mode vs shutter mode

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Is silent photography the same as the electronic shutter? I thought they were the same. But after this test, I think they are 2 different things. The silent mode has no vibration while there is vibration when on electronic mode.

What Nikon calls 'Silent Photography' is what others like Canon call 'Electronic Shutter' mode - where there is no use of the mechanical shutter at all for exposure.

What you are confusingly calling both 'electronic shutter' and 'electronic mode' is what NIkon very carefully refers to in the manual and settings as 'Electronic Front-Curtain Shutter' (EFCS for short). It uses the mechanical shutter to end exposure only.

If you're coming from Canon, it can be confusing as Canon places all three options together on the same shutter mode settings - Electronic, Mechanical, EFCS - whereas Nikon groups Mechanical & EFCS together as shutter modes but has a separate Silent Photography setting. Since all three are mutually exclusive settings, Canon's approach makes sense but obscures what the 'Electronic Shutter' mode is for; Nikon emphasises usage by calling it 'Silent Photography' but obscures the fact that you can only have one of these three settings active at a time.

Arguably the confusions in your post & spreadsheet labels suggest that Canon has got the affordances right here rather than Nikon.

Noted and thanks. Pardon this Z6 beginner.

No need to apologize, it's an inherently confusing issue and Nikon's UI makes it even more so by splitting the related settings in the way they do.

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