rechargeable AA batteries and charger

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Re: rechargeable AA batteries and charger

Arvind Balaraman wrote:

Looking to get some rechargeable AA batteries and charger for my transmitter. What is a good brand. I have been using eneloop till date and they dont seem to hold power for long

Triggers use very little power so they are often designed to use batteries that provide 1.5 volts rather than ~1.2 volts that a normal rechargeable battery delivers when fully charged. In doing so they will generally report that the battery needs replacing a long time before it actually does. So it's possible that your batteries are actually holding power it's just that the trigger is misreporting the amount of energy left.

Because triggers use very little power compared to speedlights it's very common to leave batteries in them for long periods of time. That means that there's a danger of a battery leak which can render the trigger useless. That's why I recommend you use non rechargeable lithium batteries like the Energiser. They will register correctly with the trigger, last a very long time and not leak.

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