Nikon Z 35/1.8 S - hard to find a well centered copy?

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Re: Nikon Z 35/1.8 S - hard to find a well centered copy?

quintana wrote:

I think I can safely rule out technological or atmospheric issues because I used shutter speeds of 1/500th of a second for f/2 and 1/125th of a second for f/4 plus IBIS handheld which usually results in a 100% success rate. When in doubt I also repeat the test.

Red flag! Red flag!  DO NOT USE IBIS!!!

This may not be the issue with your current test, but a big problem with using IBIS is that of course you *shouldn't* expect the corner performance to be symmetric since when IBIS is running the sensor is not centered on the optical axis of the lens.

Since you say you did the test a bunch of times and you were able to make the softness go away with refocusing on the corner it sounds like there is something actually tilted with the lens so maybe IBIS isn't an issue here.  But in general don't use IBIS (or OIS) if trying to compare corners or edges of a lens.

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