Nikon D7500 white balance issue

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Re: Nikon D7500 white balance issue

I don't see a location for the OP, so I'm going to assume USA (adjust your country's speed if needed). Electricity out of the wall "alternates" 60 times per second. Many (not all) light bulbs change color as the electricity goes positive and then negative. Our camera's AWB is NOT fast enough to track that!

If you are shooting at 1/60 second shutter or slower (1/30, 1/15), you get both the positive and negative bulb color during the exposure and white balance "averages out" and colors look fairly even. As you go slower than 1/60 you get even more of an "average" and the color becomes more even (shot to shot).

Shot above 1/60 second (1/125, 1/250) and you get (randomly) the positive color, the negative color or the middle color. Most of the OP's were shot way above 1/60.

I'm not saying you shouldn't shot above 1/60 in artificial light... just that in many cases doing so will require some WB matching in Photoshop!

If you want to test to see if I've guessed your issue correctly, shot a handful of exposures at 1/30 second in the same light that gave you problems. Ignore if that speed is appropriate for your lens or subject... this is just a test. If this handful of 1/30 exposure shots are reasonable matched in WB then I have guessed correctly. If they aren't and you are sure you don't have WB bracketing on, then it may be time to have your camera checked!

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