Which Software do you recommend for new photographer

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Re: Which Software do you recommend for new photographer

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Use the software that comes with your camera.

Stay clear of the unmitigated desaster area of Skylum software like Luminar, they are the worst company with a proven track record of overpromising and underselling and total lack of continuity which makes learning to operate their software (should you be so unlucky to even get it to work) rather moot. Teir only only working departments being marketing and paid youtube shills...

I bought the camera used so nothing came with it. If Skylum is so bad, what do you use?

I use the dreaded Adobe subscription because it’s by far the best value for money - and provides long term viability. Many other are “one time purchases” but that’s only half the story. They either don’t provide the long term viability (some of the companies behind these softwares were already on the verge of folding because the one time purchase price is way too low to be sustaning constant development) or basically require yearly update purchases to keep up with OS updates, bug fixing and improvements - if you don’t purchase these updates you are only crippling yourself. So IMHO they too are de-facto subscriptions. Skylum is another matter alltogether, the are the worst of the lot by a very large margin...

Regarding one time purchases, people who have doggedly stuck with their older one-time purchase of Lightroom, and not upgraded to the subscription, are now seeing features stop working; and of course, they don't have the newer features as well.

This is always a problem with one-time purchases, how long will they really last?

I can see this being an issue for professional photographers that do this for a living, but I wonder how this is as important to someone like me who doesn't make a dime doing this

Maybe it doesn't apply to you. But I was a beginner who didn't make a dime from photography at one time; and I still don't make a dime but 15 years later it has become an important and enjoyable hobby for me. And I'm glad that at some point, I decided to keep my software current and get the latest and greatest features.

Nevertheless, for starters, every software has a decent feature set that will improve your photos. The differences will be in price, user interface and in availability of tutorials for beginner. (Since it has been a long time since I was a beginner, maybe they all have tutorials for beginners now, I don't know)

And since, as I said, every software has a decent feature set, pick one in your price range, download the free trial, and see if you like it.

I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but Photoshop Elements is not subscription, is a good software for beginners (and for advanced photographers), reasonably priced and has plenty of tutorials.

Oh yea, I think I read something about photoshop elements. I need to go back and look at it again.

I just realized my sister like photography as well. She is better with people and portraits where I am mostly just good, or at least like taking landscape. So I might be switching gears to see if she wants to get back into after moving into the area. She takes the photos and I can help edit. So Lightroom might be on the table shortly..We'll see

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