Nikon Z 35/1.8 S - hard to find a well centered copy?

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Quick - Dirty - and Meaningless

quintana wrote:

JimKasson wrote:

To the OP: please post images like the ones that Ken posted. Are the lenses decentered or tilted? You can tell be focusing on the target in the bad corner.

Currently I am not at home so I can not post the pictures at the moment because they are on my hard drive.

I don’t test my lenses indoors but like this:

It might not be as sophisticated as the test Ken did but still it should result in 4 corners with the same level of sharpness when the copy of the lens is perfect.

If I focus both not-so-perfect-copies of the Z 35/1.8 on the bad corner it gets as sharp as I would expect. This probably means that it’s tilted and not decentered, right? Until I read your answer I have to admit that I always thought that decentered and tilted mean the same.

The Gletscherbruch test you describe is meaningless.  You are shooting through miles of moving, dirty air with thermals all over the place.  Quick and dirty tests are the reason Nikon Repair has a stamp reading "IN SPEC."

I've bought over 75 pro Nikkors (F's and Z's) with no returns and no problems.  Somehow tests, like you describe, show so many faults and problems and so many returns.  Think about it!

Happy New Year - Dan

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