Nikon Z 35/1.8 S - hard to find a well centered copy?

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Re: Nikon Z 35/1.8 S - hard to find a well centered copy?

kenw wrote:

Hopefully that is helpful for you.

Again I want to stress that usually "bad copies" of a lens are down to bad testing of the lens. It sounds like from your post you have experience doing this so that probably doesn't apply to you.

And yet 2 out of 5 lenses you sampled were "bad", 40%.  I've never tested my lenses.  But if 40% is par for the course I'd be hesitant to test my lenses now and find out I have to get rid of 40% of them.  I've seen many posts over the years where people say they needed even 3 copies of a lens to get a good one.

I never really know what to think about lens testing threads in these forums.  Auto-Focus Fine Tune is another one.  I was diligent and careful with my AF tuning with my DSLR cameras.  Every single lens I ever owned benefited from some degree of AFFT.  Sometimes it was just a small value like +/- 3.  Other times it was 5, 10, and in the worst cases it as much as 15.

Other people have reported the same.  Yet when the topic comes up many people report they have never had to fine tune a lens.  I don't know what to think of this.  Bad testing by those that report no AFFT needed?  Bad testing by those the say all their lenses benefit?

My response is not intended to doubt your testing.  The rigor with which you perform it leads me to believe it is probably accurate.  But what does that say about the state of manufacturing and quality controls?

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