Best ‘bang for your buck’ in a smartphone camera?

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Re: Best ‘bang for your buck’ in a smartphone camera?

Cariboo wrote:

After A LOT of searches and pixel peeping resolution and spec comparisons at GSM Arena and another compare site, after reading and watching reviews of MANY phones and after a week of use, I opted for and am very happy with my choice of the Moto G7 Plus for $120 US from B&H and as a 25+ year film to digital pro.

No real need for bloated GCam app except maybe out of camera extreme DR? I also like and use HedgeCam2 app, as it's light and has for me better on screen and other manual control options vs Moto stock or OpenCam app, such as on screen stamping of date, time and GPS, for my gathering evidence use.

Comes with Android10, stock app has Auto and Manual controls, captures as Jpeg, DNG RAW or Both, has OIS for stills, (reviews not clear if OIS with video), but video capture reviews are "favorable", good speakers, decent processor.

Battery is only 3000 mah, so may not be robust enough for lots of video, but supports fast charging and yesterday, it charged from 15-100% in 40-45 mins.

Sorry don't know much about video use as I rarely use it, but best bang for the buck for stills IMO.

I was constantly surprised how well the resolution for out of camera jpegs compared to and beat most others, including Pixels, Apples (12 on down), Pocos, Xiaomi and Huawei, the last which had better extreme corner / edge resolution but at 10-15x the price, plus Huawei OS comprises.

Moto G Power also fared well and has an decent UWA lens and big battery, but no OIS, and was too expensive and too big for me, even though also on sale where I live. Moto G Power main rear camera sharpness out of camera jpegs were better at edges than g7+ but a tad over sharpened maybe. Still, for a phone camera, it beat most or all? others at a fraction of cost. Again video reviews were good but don't know if it meets your needs.

These Moto cameras beat out Pixels and Apples for resolution and have GCam apps for them if you want to use it, which to my comparisons seemed to be the only thing benefitting the Pixels and causing the hype. Pixels without GCam bloatware may not be that great at all?

I am currently playing around with a G7 plus. It apparently uses the same main rear sensor that the Google Pixel 4 does.. Sony IMX519.

I have played around a bit with this GCAM variant ont he G7 plus.

....but need more experimenting  with different XML files.

I think it will take a good app (computational stuff) over the stock app, to be optimal.   I believe a main limitation is going to be VERY low light because the shutter speed is permanently limited to the slowest speed of 1/2 second for whatever app is used as far as I know.

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