Lower profile Case/Bag questions for Leica Q2 (or any similar sized camera)

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Re: Lower profile Case/Bag questions for Leica Q2 (or any similar sized camera)

I use a sling bag for many carries of the kind you suggest. I have one of the Peak Design Everyday Sling (v1) 5L bags as well as a Wotancraft Mini Rider. Both are good, both are versatile, neither screams 'fancy camera inside' or feels out of place.

The Wotancraft is a bit more versatile and a bit less "slick polished camera bag" product, in my opinion. See Wotancraft Mini Rider in charcoal/black . I wear it a lot when bicycling and walking, had the straps sized for most comfortable carry across my back, dropping down from the right shoulder The strap setup is very secure for bicycling, the bag never tries to wind its way around my body because of the retaining strap securing it to my shoulder. It's easily big enough to carry a three lens kit, but carries a slim camera with fixed lens very compactly because of the way you can size the compression strap. I have this bag's larger version, the Easy Rider model, as well ... That one is big enough to carry a Hasselblad kit comfortably (or a weekend's travel clothing and a small camera) and is similarly a relatively inconspicuous carry that doesn't shout "expensive camera inside".


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