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Canon RP: Canon CR3 files

CAcreeks wrote:

Why would you buy an RP? Image quality is no better than APS-C, and lenses are bigger and more expensive because it's full frame.

  • Not so expensive -- also easily available used.
  • Menus can be changed to English, unlike Sony cameras sold here in Japan.
  • Nice ergonomics.
  • I like the size, weight, and shape with no big EVF hump.
  • I have owned or still own a bunch of Canon cameras (10) and every single one of them were/are problem free with good ergonomics. Every single Sony camera I own (3) developed control wheel problems in a short time and have other things about them I don't like.
  • For use with old manual focus lenses so don't want to spend much for a FF super duper body. Don't care about AF.
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