Help for a personal project ( 3 minutes, 4 questions anonymous survey )

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Help for a personal project ( 3 minutes, 4 questions anonymous survey )

Good evening everyone

I wonder if anyone here would care to fill a quick survey about the feasibility of a new film camera.

4 Questions await for you - I'm sorry for the "strange and amateurish look" but this should ensure you it's a personal thing, I couldn't afford paying 430€ for the number of questions I had planned at first and had to compress everything in the 6 questions limit.

the first is about you, where are you from (Continent! Not even Country!), the photographic genres you shoot etc - Important: if you shoot FILM ONLY check FILM, so do for DIGITAL if you use this medium alone. If you shoot BOTH, check BOTH. Don't mess up things, a few people voted wrongly twice messing up numbers.

the second is would you get the camera

the third is how much would you pay for it, if any

the fourth is about the features that you'd like to see in such a camera.

I'd like to see within the end of the year how many answers I can collect and think about. If you can be propositive/assertive/proactive and suggest yourself possible features, that would be great. Maybe I overlooked or forgot something.

Thanks in advance to those that will participate.

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All the best from northern Italy, Dino.
I'm on the NIK side of photography.

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