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Re: Canon CR3 files

Henry Richardson wrote:

sluggy_warrior wrote:

CAcreeks wrote:

No progress on Canon CR3, though.

yeah, unless Canon explicitly states that it's ok, there's no way around the current potential legal issue with the patent in CR3 format. darktable has the technical implementation ready for release, but can't. Not holding my breath.


I did not know that darktable doesn't support Canon CR3 files. That sucks. I think all the Canon cameras in the last few years create CR3 files, right? I don't own any of them and all my older Canon raw files are CR2 and CRW, but I have thought about getting an RP and I suspect it produces CR3.

Why would you buy an RP? Image quality is no better than APS-C, and lenses are bigger and more expensive because it's full frame.

I'm not sure why, but Canon really made image quality improvements in the R5 and R6. I refuse to buy one because of the CR3 issue, but I did notice.

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