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Re: what is an autogenerated tarball

- Ken - wrote:

When I go to the Darktable GitHub site to download Darktable 3.4, the following statement confuses me: "As always, please don't use the autogenerated tarball provided by github, but only our tar.xz. the checksums are:". I have no idea what this means? Does this relate to what I download and install? I am on a Windows 10 computer, under assets, should I download darktable-3.4.0-win64.exe?

Thanks for helping to clarify?

Yes, that exe file.

Windows Defender blocked it, saying it's from an "unknown publisher" (unlike the 3.2 download from the darktable.org site).

I told it to Keep it. And had to click through a few more prompt overrides before it saved it to my downloads folder.

I clicked the exe to install, told it to "install anyway" due to unknowns.

It asked, "uninstall the previous version?" I answered "no". That worked. 3.4.0 now!

You probably want to say "yes" to the "backup database?" question.


Right sidebar

Oh, big changes on the right sidebar in Darkroom!

I clicked the "hamburger" 3-bar menu icon, and switched to "Beginner" for now. That's a much smaller subset of modules.

It seems that I need to create a new profile if I want to add modules to this set.

I like the "Tone equalizer", for instance. (The cool feature there is the EV picker cursor. I have to click the circle icon at the lower right to "display exposure mask", then click it off again. Now, moving the cursor over the image shows the EV value, and the mouse wheel directly adjusts just that range of tones. Useful!)


So right click on the sidebar menu icon.

Manage presets

It shows the "Manage module layouts"

I clicked the "Beginner", and it tells me it's read-only, to make a copy to edit it.

Copied. edited the title of this set. added some modules. The "+" icon to add modules starts with "recommended" modules, then "other" modules. Nice!

It seems that I have to come back here each time I want to change the sidebar lists.

Close the Manage presets box.

now I can click the sidebar menu and select this named set.


For new users: The slider controls have a lot of different methods. See the module controls in the manual.

I use the right-click slider control all the time. I don't have to scroll-and-scroll, or hold down a mouse button, I just slide the mouse left and right. Up near the top of the box for quick changes, down at the bottom for very fine adjustments. It's great for learning a new module by rapidly changing the values, and also for making precise adjustments.

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