for Photography (not video): Mini 2 or Mavic Air 2?

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Re: for Photography (not video): Mini 2 or Mavic Air 2?

KayL wrote:

I have a Mavic Air 2 (MA2). I cannot comment on other models.

The MA2's still image quality is acceptable for certain types of photography. It is comparable to a GoPro or a mid range smartphone camera in stills imaging. It is sufficient for what I use it for.

It has good resolution in the centre, but sharpness drops off towards the corners when shooting standard single-shot. It is fixed-focus, fixed-aperture. I find objects closer than 3 metres to be blurry, despite the specs calling 1m its closest focusing distance.

Dynamic range is as you would expect for a 1/2" sensor. Not bad, not great. I get around this by doing auto exposure bracketing (AEB) x5 (2 stops either way) and stacking in post. Can't comment on built-in HDR as I use Adobe HDR Pro in Photoshop.

48MP gives you slightly more resolution with less dynamic range. Pick one based on your needs. There is no auto-AEB in 48MP. You have to bracket manually, with 1-2 seconds in between frames. You will not be getting DSLR quality from this.

I have found the colour profiles to be somewhat funky in DNG. I have posted another thread about this.

In answer to your question, I can't see how the Mini 2 would be better than the MA2 for photos - but I could be wrong.

Like others have said, a 1" sensor or larger would be a better choice for dedicated stills imaging (Mavic Pro 2 or Phantom 4 v2).

I have a Mini 2 because it is very quiet and because it is small enough to bring along for those occasions where I might want a different perspective.

When I get it up over 50m, it is hard to hear it.

Photo quality is good; I use the RAW files.  They stand up to my normal editing.

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